Rods 1940s Events Calendar

The longest running 1940s events calendar on the web!

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No1 for events!

Over the years, Rods event calendar has served details of 1940s events that occur up and down the UK and even overseas!. If your a 1940s enthusiast or reenactor, this is the 40s place for you!


Calendar update

A new system update sees a fresh launch to a new and improved Rods events calendar. Built with mobile in mind, you can now use Rods 1940s events on the go, we now have a new fangled app, how modern!.


Easy to use

Browse the calendar, list an event... it's all now very easy & accessible, straight forward with no fuss.
Are you hosting an event, great! add it to the calendar.

Get in the mood, find your perfect 1940s event!
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Right across the UK, 1940s events take place and recreate the sights and sounds of that golden era. It's a great way to make new friends, escape the modern world and gain a glimpse back in time to a period where community was at the forefront and life moved at a slower pace. From dances, to days out, discover a whole world of dedication to keep the memories of the 1940s alive.

From dances to air displays, reenactment to 40s fashion shows, Rods 1940s calendar
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